Lethal Lace Voted #1!

Lethal Lace Voted #1!

We are just returning from Wisconsin from the first annual NRA Carry Guard Expo. The event was amazing for gun owners, enthusiasts, and especially for those who are wanting to learn more about safe concealed carry and the many options available to them. We met some incredible people. The crowd covered the spectrum of young to old, men and women alike.

The NRA has endorsed our universal wrap style concealed carry holster for women and it is now available from the NRA store - very exciting! Because our holster is so unique from the many others out there, we are honored to have the NRA see it's potential and solution in the concealed carry industry - especially for women who struggle to find the perfect concealed carry option for their specific needs.

The NRA Concealed Carry Fashion Show was a tremendous success! About 50 products were modeled at this momentous occasion. I commend the NRA and those who organized the fashion show for using non-traditional models (everyday people) to showcase the products. 

At the end of the show, attendees were able to vote for their favorites, and we are beyond humbled to say that Lethal Lace was voted #1 in the show!! The runners up were 5.11 Tactical and Crossbreed Holsters. 

Thank you to all who are supportive of our industry and we look forward to being able to serve in any way we can!!

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