About us

Lethal Lace is a patent pending UNIVERSAL concealed carry gun holster made specifically with women's needs in mind. The concept was born when I was unable to find any holsters/concealed carry systems that worked for me. After going to many retail stores and searching and web for several weeks, I was so frustrated. There were too many decisions....where did I want to conceal, what type of gun(s) would I have, what if I changed clothes and the holster would not work???

Not to mention the cost of each holster averaged $50.00-$100.00 a piece, and I would have to buy several to accommodate different outfits.

Another problem I had is that I wear medical scrubs almost everyday. The waist band on scrubs does not support the weight of most guns and holsters. And I didn't want to have something too thick or constricting around my waist. 

So that was it! I decided to create my own unique holster that would suit all of my needs. It took a long time to find the perfect design and material.

I wanted it to be truly UNIVERSAL, and that's what it is!. No matter where you want to carry, or if you change guns, if you gain or lose weight, or if you change outfits, - YOU ONLY NEED THIS ONE HOLSTER!!!

Not to mention it is truly the best at concealment due to the design. No need to worry about lace losing elasticity. The material is of very high quality and will last. It is a wrap system, so there is no need to worry about it becoming loose over time.

For women with a waist size greater than 43 inches, we make them in a custom longer style.

So....I hope you love this UNIVERSAL holster as much as we do!

Tessa Renaud, Designer, Owner, CEO

Mike Renaud, Owner, COO