Just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!!! I purchased your product at a local gun store. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, but I have easily carried my Sig P229 on my very pregnant waist.

Melissa H. Norman, TN


The holsters are amazing. My wife loves hers. I had seen the product once before and just sucked up my manly pride and ordered the black one. Love me some flowery lace....LoL. The funny thing is, this is the ONLY holster that I can carry my full size, Sig .45 (P220 Elite) in a T-Shirt with 0 printing (small of back). This is something I have not been able to accomplish with belt, WB, and underarm holsters made special for the weapon (even in a sweatshirt, it still prints due to my skinny frame). I have been showing it to lots of my friends and family. More orders are coming your way! Please update your pages with the men's version when it becomes available! For the time being, my manly flower lace is lethal!


I must give you props for creating such a wonderful design. I come from a long line of law enforcement, my father was an FBI agent for 34 years and he started teaching me gun safety and how to shoot at the age of 2. I just recently resigned from the FBI due to a serious health issue myself. I don't feel right leaving the house without a gun since I am so used to my Dad always having one on him, and like I said I have went through many holsters in an effort to be able to carry and still follow the concealment laws and never found one that worked perfectly, until now!
 L. D., TN

 Thank you so much for the black and nude Lethal Lace! I got them in today and love it! It is a fantastic holster. What can I do to help get it on the shelf of my local store? I will tell everyone I know what a great product (and company) this is!
 T. E. 

 I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. I am beyond pleased with this whole experience. I intend to tell everyone I know, whether they conceal or not about your holsters. I hope one day to see your brand in every gun shop.
 T. P. 

 I absolutely love this holster. I have been complaining to my husband for years about not having the right holster. I feel like I have struck gold finding you guys!! Thanks Again!
 K. O. 
I bought one for my daughter at the USCCA Expo last Spring. My daughter Corey loves her lace holster. The few times I get to hang out with her or go to dinner I find myself reminding her to always carry. She then reminds me that she is carrying her Sig and smiles because it hides so well. Enough Said.
P. Peters, MN
I bought this because there are nights I did not have security at work, and the parking lot can be scary place. I wore it for a few days around the house in scrubs before going to work. First shift I'm doing CPR and totally forgot I had this on. I've also been able to wear it with my tighter shirts which excites me. I hate carrying a weapon in my purse, but with some outfits didn't have a choice. Not anymore!
I love this holster! It is way thicker than it looks in pictures. It arrived on a Saturday and I actually carried it to church Sunday in a SUNDRESS! My husband couldn't believe I was carrying. No more totally obvious concealed carry purses for me.
I've been wearing this holster all day. Walking around, cleaning the house, sitting, and lying around on the house. So comfortable!
I absolutely love this! I bought this because I intend to buy a concealed carry weapon soon. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually fit my 9 mm comfortably. I was concerned about the lace not being sturdy, but it's held up great. I'm recommending this to every woman I know.
I just got in in yesterday and I am IN LOVE! It is the perfect holster! Universal (I am left handed and wear a variety style of clothing). It was so hard for me to find a left handed holster. To find this holster was a dream come true! Shipping was fast, fabric was wonderful, and everything was made with amazing quality! I am very excited to start using it! I'm also very excited to tell anyone I can about the product! Thank You!
Just got my lethallace holster yesterday evening, put in on this morning (hips), and it is the most comfortable holster I have every worn! Can't wait to try it in other places to fit all my clothes! Thanks for such a great product.
I was a bit skeptical, you know... What if I don't like it and all that. So I wrote the company with my questions and within 12 hours, I had a response! So I decided I would try it. One of the best decisions I could have made!! I took a few tries to get it just right, but I was determined. Then came the test of wearing it and concealing. As you know women wear many styles and some clothes don't allow us to conceal very well. Well not anymore! I can wear whatever I want!! I do mean WHATEVER I want with no concerns of concealment. I couldn't be happier! Only snag I ran into was when I went to draw my gun, my slide release caught on the lace and snagged it a bit. Remedy... I just loosely sewed some material into the pocket so it wouldn't snag again....WALA. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone! I can wear what I want, it is extremely secure, easy access, can be used for anything and company is so friendly and fast response with clarity. Thanks you so much for all of your hard work.