IDetector: UV Protection Against Fraud

Cutting Edge Products

$ 18.95 


The patent pending iDetector is a quick and easy way to detect counterfeit currency, travelers checks, credit cards and IDs such as drivers licenses and passports. It offers a "triple check" for US currency: testing the paper, checking the watermark, and verifying the security strip. It can also check many foreign currencies such as the Canadian dollar, Euro, Peso, and the Yen. Additionally, it can authenticate resident alien and green cards, and money orders. The price of this item has been drastically reduced due to the fact that there are limited quantities available. Once our remaining stock is depleted this item will be discontinued. Its cordless and lightweight design allows you to easily use it anywhere. The black light reveals watermarks while the ultraviolet light illuminates UV security strips and the counterfeit detector pen tests the paper. Requires three AA battery which are not included. Covered under a 90 day warranty with a lifetime bulb replacement guarantee.