Mace Triple Action Fogger Spray


$ 21.95 


Designed for use in home or automobile dormitories or even RV's. These large fogger sprays put a wall between you and an attacker. With such a cloud of gas they would have to go through to get to you, there is really no way they can avoid getting affected by the fog. Just be sure to stay out it yourself and allow an escape route out of the area.

If they try to get through to you, they will immediately be affected by both the tear gas and OC pepper spray combination and will have no choice but to stop their pursuit. At this point, they will only want to stop the pain. Take this opportunity to get out of there and call for help.

Fogger Spray

Fogger Spray

Features flip-top safety cap.
Full cone fogger spray.

60 gram fogger sprays up to 8 feet. Contains 18 one second bursts.

120 gram unit sprays up to 8 feet. Contains 38 one second bursts.

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions