Streetwise Dummy Camera with Intruder Alert

Cutting Edge Products

$ 10.95 


The DCIA deters robbery and shoplifting without the high cost of a real surveillance camera. It features a built in motion detector. The "camera" will remain still until someone passes by. When it senses motion it will pan back and forth and a red light will flash. An alarm will also sound with several pre-recorded verbal warnings (verbal warnings are pre-recorded and cannot be changed). The verbal warnings include: "Intruder Alert", "Leave the room immediately", "Make no sudden movements", "Please touch nothing", "Vacate immediately". Can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling. Measures 5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches (excluding the mounting bracket). Installs quickly and easily using the included stainless steel screws. Covered under a year warranty. Requires three AAA Batteries.