The Dual Defense System

Cutting Edge Products

$ 290.95 


Stop the attacker before he gets close enough to harm you. The Dual Defense System will shoot out and stun your attacker before you get into harms reach. Never worry again about the attacker snatching the stun gun or pepper spray out of your hand. With a reach of up to 17 feet, you will have plenty of space to get away and call for help. Use the stun gun anywhere on the assailant's body or release the lightning strike taser cassette from a distance of 17 feet. Two missile-like probes hit the target in a split second. The high voltage blast is so powerful that it can even penetrate leather. It will knock an attacker away from you and keep him down for up to 15 minutes while you get away. This unit is small enough to fit in a purse or bag. Covered under a year warranty. The Dual Defense System is legal to own and carry in most states without a permit. Includes one Lightening Strike Taser Cassette, 9V battery, and target.