Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5S Case: Stun Gun & Power Bank

Cutting Edge Products

$ 179.99  $ 213.95


The idea of a stun gun case for an iPhone — called the Yellow Jacket after the predatory wasp — came after the inventor was robbed at gun point in his own home. He believes that because people always have their smartphones close at hand, combining a personal safety device and a phone sleeve is a perfect self- defense solution. Concealed inside Yellow Jacket™ is a loud, bright, high voltage stun gun that produces a painful “sting”. With a new slimmer design, the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 5/5S case is perfect for the element of surprise! The YJIP5 includes a detachable stun gun pack, ambidextrous triggers, dual safety mechanisms, and LED battery indicators. Yellow Jacket™ is a high voltage stun gun concealed inside an iPhone™ case. So you can have protection with you at all times! Yellow Jacket™ has two safety features that help prevent accidental discharge while being easily deploy-able in an instant. A swiveling electrode cap and stun gun safety switch prevents accidental discharge. Ambidextrous Triggers: With two triggers on each side of the unit it makes it easy to stun quickly. External Battery: Houses a 1,800 mAh rechargeable battery that virtually doubles the life of your iPhone’s battery. A durable hard plastic case protects your iPhone from damage and the stun/battery pack is detachable so you can carry just the iPhone case when needed. Five LED lights indicate your current battery level and notify you when your phone is charging. To make this unit easy to carry, it includes a yellow and pink wrist strap. Covered under a year warranty.